Give your guests and customers the confidence to make booking decisions online with CartoBlue's visual marketing products. Using products from CartoBlue is an easy way to turn online lookers into online bookers. Build trust with online shoppers and potential guests by showing them exactly what to expect at your hotel or resort. CartoBlue's digital renderings, community maps, and interactive floor plans provide guests with more information about your accommodations and location. Being able to display your resort from a bird's eye view with a resort map allows you to show off more of your selling points.

Noteworthy resorts such as Vail Resorts, Inc. in Colorado and St. Joe Club & Resorts in Florida have already started using CartoBlue's floor plans, renderings, and maps. With these products, hotels and resorts can make a stronger visual impact on their clients. Three dimensional walkthrough tours of your lobby, conference room, or pool deck will make online shoppers and potential guests feel like they already have one foot in the door.

Resort Maps

Resort maps from CartoBlue portray the entire resort, inside and out, in precise detail. The map will illustrate all of the resorts features, and give your guests insight into what the resort has to offer beyond the guest rooms. When guests can view a location in a large-scale way they have more confidence to book the property, especially if they're booking online. Our resort maps give vacationers who haven't stayed with you before a larger picture to familiarize them with the resort's best features. Once they can visualize the great experience they will have in the area, they are as good as sold.


  • Portray the resort in precise detail
  • Display panoramic and aerial views
  • Interact with point-and-click features
  • Incorporate photos, text, and video
  • Label street names and important locations (i.e. grocery stores, restaurants, shopping)
  • Sync with property management software or API


Meeting Spaces

CartoVision is a 360-degree virtual walking tours to showcase hotels/resorts interior and exterior spaces. CartoVision is an all-in-one solution that provides HDR photography, an interactive floor plan, and a virtual walkthrough tour with virtual reality capability. Your clients’ search begins online, so give them the best interactive experience available with a CartoVision tour.


  • 24/7 Meeting Facilities and Event Venue Tour Available to Planners and Future Guests
  • Showcase Multiple Room Setups
  • HDR Photography Included
  • Point and click navigation
  • Compatible with Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR
  • Paired with Interactive Floor Plan
  • Available as a desktop or mobile application


Golf Course

Give guests an accurate view of your golf course with a digital, interactive rendering from CartoBlue. Golf course renderings allow your guests to see the golf course as a whole and to envision their day on the green. CartoBlue's golf course renderings are also useful tools for golf courses still in development. You can use the computer-generated rendering to depict the design of the finished course.


  • Pre- and post-construction renderings
  • 3D, photo-realistic effects
  • Professional graphic art
  • Accurate topography
  • Labeled courses and holes
  • Simple Web site integration


Floor Plans

Floor plans communicate essential information about a hotel room to potential guests about layout and accessibility. Knowing the arrangement of bedrooms and living spaces is important for travelers, especially travelers with children or large parties who'd like to designate sleeping arrangements before arriving. Two dimensional floor plans are a simple and effective way to provide your guests with more information about the room they're interested in booking. Your resort or hotel Web site will see more online user activity and more online bookings with the addition of interactive floor plans.


  • Interactive icons to display text, photos, and videos
  • Detailed drawings to showcase amenities
  • Interior and exterior display to showcase pools and landscaping
  • Room labels for accuracy
  • URL or iframe code for easy Web site integration
  • Provided in multiple formats including .png, .jpg, and .pdf


3D Floor Plans

Three-dimensional floor plans are one of the most popular tools CartoBlue offers. Our 3D floor plans give guests a better understanding of the hotel room's layout, features, and size. Not only is the floor plan customizable, but the finished product can be embedded directly into your website using the unique URL or HTML provided to you by CartoBlue. Hotels and resorts have found 3D renderings to be a great selling tool because the floor plans communicate more about the hotel/resort than photographs alone. Your website will see more user activity, more inquiries, and more conversions with the addition of 3D floor plans from CartoBlue.


  • Realistic, three-dimensional graphic art
  • Fully customizable furnishings, flooring, décor, and colors
  • Exact match finishes display the property exactly as it is on site
  • Fast turnaround time for production
  • Single- or multi-floor layouts
  • High-quality graphics suitable for web or print


Drone Photography / Videography

Drone videography is one of the most breathtaking ways to visually display your hotel or resort. The all-encompassing views captured by a drone video show your location from a holistic standpoint. You can capture all the hotel or resort's features and amenities in a single video with multiple marketing uses. Drone videography can be used in television advertising, placed on your YouTube channel as shareable content, or added directly to your Web site. Drone videos can be taken of the entire exterior location, or of specific interior rooms such as pent house suites, ball rooms, conference spaces, and front lobbies.

CartoBlue possesses a valid FAA 333 Exemption for legal drone operations.


  • Taken by a licensed and certified videographer
  • Affordable pricing
  • High-quality, HD video
  • Encompassing aerial views
  • 360 degree interior tours
  • Optional voiceovers and subtitles


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