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Area maps from CartoBlue are illustrative portrayals of a designated geographic area. Popularly used in the hospitality industry to showcase the surrounding area, area maps show clients what to expect when they arrive and help them navigate their way to nearby attractions. Real estate agents and developers also use the area maps to display multiple for-sale properties within a specific area. The maps can be synced with MLS listings to view all listed properties at their geographic location. In fact, the maps can be synced to update automatically with MLS listings, your API, or PMS. They’re also incredibly easy to add onto your website. CartoBlue will provide you with a unique URL and an iframe code to add to your website.

Use an area map to give your guests and clients a wider perspective of your area. With interactive features, you can imbed photos and add markers to important locations like grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping malls. Giving your clients more information about the area is a win-win situation. With more information, clients have more confidence to rent or buy the property. You’re not only providing them with information, but also with detailed visuals that prompt them to envision themselves experiencing the area.


  • Portray large geographic areas in precise detail
  • Display panoramic and aerial views
  • Interact with point-and-click features
  • Incorporate photos, renderings, building site plans, and videos
  • Label street names and important locations (i.e. grocery stores, restaurants, shopping)
  • Sync with Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Sync with Property Management Software (PMS) or API