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Floor plans are great tools for showing the true layout of a property to out-of-town guests or potential buyers. Interactive floor plans create visual experiences for your clients to delve into straight from your website by combining the photo gallery into the floor plan. 

When high quality pictures of the property are embedded straight into the floor plan, visitors to your site are able to get a true feel for the property. Showcasing pools, artwork, and amenities is no longer a problem. In fact, guests can call dibs on which room they are staying in before they even step foot into the home!

Listings with interactive floor plans have been shown to get more viewings, faster bookings, and generate more revenue than those properties without. 

Interactive floor plans are simple to create!

Once your floor plans are built out, we make them interactive and instruct you how customize them just the way you like. A simple iframe code enables the floor plans to be placed on your website with ease. 

So, how much does this cost?

Just $2.99/month per property. 

You also get to keep all of the files of your floor plan, which include jpgs and pdfs. 

If you’d like more information or if you have more questions just fill out the form below. A friendly person will give you a call to assist further.

Need Floor Plans? We got you covered!

We have partnered with CubiCasa to offer you easy to create floor plans. Simply upload a floor plan sketch and we will deliver a clean, digital 2D floor plan the next business day to use with our interactive technology.


  • Different layouts to choose from
  • Interactive icons to display text, photos, and videos
  • Detailed drawings to showcase amenities
  • Interior and exterior display to showcase pools and landscaping
  • Room labels for accuracy
  • URL and iframe code provided
  • Provided in multiple formats including .png, .jpg, and .pdf
  • Ability to sync with your PMS, API, or MLS

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