Destin, FL – April 13, 2016

Today, April 13, 2016, CartoBlue launched their new brand, a new website, and a new expansive line of digital products for property marketing. CartoBlue was previously Floor Plan Marketing, LLC and they have been providing digital marketing solutions for property industries since 2012. CartoBlue creates visual experiences that allow clients to market a property through all stages of development & marketing. The new demonstrates how each of these products can be used for real estate, developers, vacation rentals, and hotels & resorts.

CartoBlue’s decision to rebrand is a reflection of their expanded product line and client base. The need for rebranding became evident when they started offering much more than floor plans, and being called "Floor Plan Marketing, LLC” didn’t communicate the full range of products they offered. "We offer so much more than floor plans now,” said CartoBlue’s President Josh Mclean. "For example, our MLS-integrated maps and CartoVision 3D tours with Virtual Reality capability are new, unique products that will give our clients an edge over their competitors,” he added.

The growing company even had to move to a larger office recently. CartoBlue is located in the business offices of Destin Commons at 4300 Legendary Drive, Suite 214, Destin FL 32541. "CartoBlue has grown internally and externally. We have grown our in-house team with talented people so that we can better serve our client base that is also growing,” said CartoBlue’s Director of Operations Jason Smolarek. At their rate of growth, CartoBlue is getting closer to reaching their goal of becoming the leading provider of property visualizations in the world.

The new products offered by CartoBlue create transparency when marketing properties through immersive visualizations that allow the viewer to not only see but understand the space they are interested in. If a client wants to market a property before it’s built, they can use CartoBlue’s renderings combined with an animated walkthrough tour. If a vacation rental company wants to market multiple condos at a single complex, they can use an interactive HDR elevation to pinpoint exact property locations that link out to that property’s booking page. When a realtor is listing a new property for sale, the new CartoVision combines high-resolution photos, an interactive floor plan and a virtual walkthrough tour for an immersive experience like no other product on the market. CartoVision also offers Virtual Reality capability via Google Cardboard that allows potential buyers to tour multiple properties from the comfort of their home. These are just a few examples of CartoBlue’s total marketing solutions. You can find their complete offering at the new

About CartoBlue: CartoBlue creates visual experiences that allow clients to market a property through all stages of development & marketing. They are the experts in 3D and digital products related to maps, renderings, and floor plans. They serve the marketing needs of industries such as real estate, vacation rentals, hotels, resorts, property developers, and building construction. With a focus on detailed and high quality images, their clients are continually satisfied with their finished product. For more information, visit or call them at 800-838-4657.